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2 Responses to "Advantages and disadvantages of accummulating match bets"

  1. An accumulation bet works when you bet on
    one thing that will have more than one
    outcome. If a person wins an accumulated
    bet, then the returns are higher for them than
    in case of a single bet. what does this mean pls?

  2. @anonymous, this means that you can use a small stake to place bet on more matches that will give you higher odds which when you won, your returns will be higher.for example, you can use 100 bucks to place bet on accumulation of up to 5 matches which odds is 1.50 each.when you multiply 1.5 each in five place it will give you multiply the 7.59375 with the amount you want to stake which is 100 bucks, now it will be 7.59375 X 100 =759.375.your returns will be 759.375.but if you were to use that same 100 bucks to bet on single match from of 1.50, you returns will be smaller than the accumulation which is 100 X 1.50 = can see the difference is very with small stake, you can use it to win higher return but when any of the matches you choose end up loosing or draw, even if it is one draw or one lost which you did not predict may occur and the rest won,automatically you have lost the game because the rule of accumulation states that you must win all the accumulated bet.


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